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Do I need a lawyer?

Deciding if you need a lawyer after a wreck depends a lot on your individual circumstances and the nature of pending claims with the insurance adjuster.  Not every “accident” merits immediately calling a lawyer or retaining their services.

Other accidents on the Outer Banks may appear at first to be relatively minor, only to later develop into substantial claims with the need for long-term medical care due to permanent injuries.

And some accidents like 18-wheeler wrecks, bicycle accidents, and motorcycle accidents caused by the negligence of another inattentive, negligent driver, deserve the immediate attention of an experienced courtroom lawyer.

Here’s some good news: We do not charge for legal consultation. If you’ve been injured in an OBX wreck due to the negligence of another driver, it doesn’t cost anything to call us and ask questions.  And what you tell us is confidential.

We don’t pressure clients into retaining the firm for help. I’ll give you an honest assessment of your case and your legal options, including whether you need a lawyer – Danny Glover, Accident Lawyer OBX 

When is the best time to hire a lawyer?

We think it’s a good idea to retain legal counsel and involve an attorney in the process as soon as is reasonably practical. Obviously, that assumes you need a lawyer in the first place.

Don’t call it an “Accident”

There are often important legal rights to preserve that may, in certain circumstances, affect the value of your claim and determine whether you have a case (insurance claim) at all.

If you’re hurt and need to go to the hospital, don’t wait. Seek immediate medical care and treatment.  Protect yourself and others from further harm.

Know this: Big insurance companies and their adjusters regularly call victims of accidents, hoping to get a recorded statement or settle quickly.

They may even try to contact you at the hospital or while you’re laid up at home, offering to visit you and talk about the case.

Don’t be fooled. It’s not because the insurance company cares about you or how you’re doing.

Insurance adjusters have a job.

They want to settle a case for as little money as possible. In fact, if they can completely deny a claim by alleging contributory negligence, that is all the more preferable to the insurance company interests.

Last Clear Chance and Contributory Negligence are often incredibly complex, fact-driven legal issues. It’s easy to be lured into imprecisely answering a question that is intended to cause problems with your case.

Who is responsible for an accident? 

It has nothing to do with whether the person who caused the wreck feels bad for you or even apologizes for causing the wreck. In most instances, the person who decides whether to pay an accident claim and for how much (if anything) is most often the insurance adjuster.

There are some important exceptions. If the carrier doesn’t proceed fairly, it may be up to a jury to decide what is fair and how much you are entitled to after an accident.  Accident lawyers enjoy helping people resolve disputes, litigating in court when necessary.

If carriers always did the right thing and proceeded fairly, there would be no reason for lawyers. I’d be out of a job – Danny Glover, OBX Personal Injury Lawyer 

It’s frankly frustrating to tell good people, “Had you called us sooner we may have been able to help.”

As a general rule, we don’t recommend people give recorded statements without first consulting with a lawyer.

Part of our job is to help explain how accident claims work and what to expect when an insurance adjuster calls. It’s important to be truthful. It’s also important to understand a claims adjuster very well may not have your best interests at heart.

Suggestions if you’ve been involved in a wreck

  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
  • Take reasonable steps to avoid additional injuries and damages
  • Protect Your Legal Interests
  • Take Pictures
  • Gather Information
  • Write Down Names, Numbers, and Contact Info
  • Call the Police
  • Seek Immediate Medical Treatment if Injured
  • Listen to the advice of Police, Fire Personnel, and the EMT
  • If they think you should go to the hospital to “get checked out,” go to the hospital
  • DO NOT GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT to the insurance company or their adjuster without first consulting with an experienced Outer Banks Lawyer

How can an accident lawyer help?

A big part of our job is to protect you and your best interests. Car accident lawyers help preserve and recover damages.

We like to jump right in, begin the process of gathering information like accident reports, witness statements, and photographic evidence – Danny Glover, OBX Accident Attorney

Vehicle accidents commonly involve property damage to your vehicle, lost wages for time off of work, and medical bills. Legal services may include helping accident victims secure full and fair compensation for the trauma associated with a car accident, including their pain and suffering.

What are Punitive Damages? 

Each case is unique.

We also assist in negotiating property damage issues involved with the accident. That may involve determining the fair market value of your car, the replacement value, and depreciation issues.

Danny Glover – Outer Banks Attorney

Danny Glover has been helping people with OBX legal issues for years. Whether you live in Elizabeth City or were on vacation to the Outer Banks and have been seriously hurt in a wreck, the staff at the Danny Glover Law Firm is ready and able to answer your questions.

Our job as accident lawyers is to provide guidance and legal advice. Hopefully, the end result is to give you peace of mind and confidence that your best interests are protected – Danny Glover, OBX Lawyer

Your legal matter deserves the attention of an accident lawyer with substantial experience with claims in Kitty Hawk, Manteo, Nags Head, and the surrounding towns.

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