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How Are Truck Cases Different?

How Are Truck Cases Different?

Attorney Danny Glover answers the question, “How Are Truck Cases Different?”  Put simply, truck accident cases involve more than what would normally be associated with a Traffic Accident Claim.  One would need to consider issues of insurance, not only for the driver but also the company that owns the vehicle, the trailer and possibly the load itself.  There are special motor carrier regulations, both under North Carolina and Federal Law that may dictate how a claim is presented.

In reviewing cases, attorneys may want to know:

  • How was the Truck Being Operated?
  • What was the condition of the Tractor Trailer?
  • Was the Load properly secured?
  • Had the Load been inspected?
  • What Do the Log Books Indicate?
  • Was the Tractor Trailer Driving Beyond the Times Allowed?
  • Was the Truck Driver Impaired by an Impairing Substance?

For more information regarding Tractor Trailer or “Truck Accidents,” please feel free to contact our experienced attorneys.

Potential truck accident case - pick up pulling a heavy load“We have handled a lot of truck cases here. Truck cases are unique because not only do the regular negligence laws apply, the same laws as apply to cars, but there’s an additional layer of governmental regulation both at the state and federal level that we use to help prove the carelessness and recklessness of truck drivers who have been on the road for too many hours, or who are under the influence of prescription medication, or who have not done the proper safety inspections.”

“A lot of times it’s not just the drivers; it’s a company epidemic, and a company ignoring the safety of motorists on the Northeastern North Carolina highways. We look at all aspects of those trucking cases.”

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