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New Year’s Resolutions

2020 is fast approaching.  And with that come New Year’s Resolutions.PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS

Was 2019 a good year?  What things could be better in 2020?  Are there issues in your life that remain unsettled or are a hassle?

It seems everyone today is focusing on balance.  Starting the year with fewer worries and sources of frustration makes sense.

If you spent 2019 dealing with an insurance adjuster, one of your New Year’s Resolutions may involve asking an accident lawyer to help – Danny Glover, Outer Banks Personal Injury Attorney 

Working through a settlement, one that fairly compensates you, may prove to be a time-consuming, laborious process.  It also can be a trigger for unnecessary stress.

Personal injury cases are notoriously complex, requiring documentation of property damage, lost wages, and medical records relating to the accident claim.

It wasn’t an “accident”

First-and-foremost, if you were injured as the result of a car wreck or other “personal injury” matter, it was not an “accident.”

Negligence is not accidental.  A choice was made.

Acting in a legally negligent way may involve speeding or texting or even drunk driving.  If you were injured because of the negligence of another, while perhaps not intentional, they failed in their duty of due care and reasonableness.

Wrecks caused by DWI/DUI also may subject the tortfeasor to punitive damages.

Drunk driving most certainly is not an “accident.”  Breaking the NC impaired driving laws is an intentional act.

It’s also a serious criminal charge in North Carolina.

The first steps in preserving and making a claim for injuries

Focus on getting healthy.

The best legal advice we can give is this:  Do not hesitate.  Seek medical treatment without delay.

Your long-term health and medical well-being should be the first concern.  Hiring a personal injury lawyer is secondary to obtaining timely medical diagnoses and treatment.

After a wreck, some people think, “I’ve got this.  I really can’t go to the emergency room or doctor.  I just don’t have the time.”  While understandable, sometimes that makes the healing process worse.

No one really plans to be involved in an accident.  We’re all busy.

The idea of missing work and important family commitments can make it hard to face a very tough reality:  I’m hurt and this is going to take time to get over.

When we calculate fair compensation for damages after a wreck, we very much consider the pain and suffering encountered by clients.  Damages are more than those to your car, which can be repaired or replaced – Danny Glover, OBX Lawyer 

If you were hurt, we strongly recommend you seek immediate medical care.  Prompt and appropriate treatment is likely to result in better long-term prognosis and recovery.

Insurance adjusters, seeking ways to limit the recovery, may call into question the causes of an injury.  Delaying necessary treatment, especially for a significant period of time, may have legal consequences.

Documentation and preservation of a claim should also begin almost immediately.  Part of what we do as personal injury attorneys includes gathering medical records, witness statements, and evidence of the accident.

That may also involve going to the scene of the wreck, taking pictures, and speaking with the officer responsible for writing the accident report.

Should I sign a release?

We recommend you not sign any legal document without first speaking with an attorney.

You should not give up any legal rights, especially if when you’re not feeling well or under the weather.  Insurance adjusters are looking out for the carrier, not you if they’re pressing for a release – Danny Glover 

That applies to a request for Medical Records or what may be called a Medical Authorization and Release.

Clearly, insurance companies and their adjusters want to get access to your medical history.  That is not required under the NC insurance laws.

Even if medical records are ultimately part of a claim for damages, full access to your entire medical history is rarely appropriate.

Submitting documentation and proof of medical treatments demands attention to detail and a level of precision.  Insurance companies should not be allowed to dive into unrelated medical issues or confidential medical records.

Do not execute (sign) ANY type of release or access to your confidential materials.  If you have questions about signing a release, give Danny Glover a call.

Are legal consultations really free?

Yes.  At our law office, we do NOT charge for legal consultations or to ask initial questions about your case.

Everything you tell us is highly confidential.

We strive to provide sound legal advice.  Part of that includes determining whether a cause of action exists and helping a potential client to decide what is best for them and their family.

You will not be pressured to retain our firm for services.  There is no clock running.  We don’t charge hourly rates for accident cases.

Legal fees are earned on a contingency basis.  Our law firm gets paid if we are able to obtain a settlement, verdict or award of damages.  They set as a percentage of the recovery.

Give Danny Glover a call.  It costs nothing to ask him some questions and see what he can do to help.

It’s our hope one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 includes calling the Danny Glover Law Firm for your legal needs.

You may contact Danny Glover directly by email:

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