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Retaining a Personal Injury Lawyer

It doesn’t matter whether you were involved in a minor bump-up or serious accident.  Everyone wants to be treated fairly. That sometimes requires retaining a personal injury lawyer.  What to expect when hiring a lawyer

You may have thought, “I can handle this myself.  Why would I need an attorney? Isn’t it straight forward?”

All too often people find how difficult it can be to navigate the legal system.  If insurance adjusters were always fair and reasonable, we wouldn’t have much to do as accident lawyers – Danny Glover, OBX Accident Lawyer 

If you’re considering talking to an attorney, we hope this information helps explain what to expect and what is common in legal representation.

Preparing for the First Meeting

Assuming we are going to meet to discuss your legal options and possible representation, we want to make the process both easy and efficient.

We do not require office visits.

Frankly, there are times when that just isn’t possible.  If you are laid up in the hospital or a rehabilitation center, we’re able to come to you.  In fact, we also do home visits when appropriate.

We encourage potential clients to gather any and all documents related to the case.

If you have copies of the accident report, police reports, witness statements, medical records, billing statements, letters from the insurance company, and even emails back-and-forth with the insurance adjuster, those can help us better understand the legal issues and what you need.

Bring everything you have to the meeting. 

We’ll make copies of what we need, allowing you to keep the originals.

It also helps to have photographs of the accident scene, notes, correspondence, insurance cards, and even repair estimates for property damage.

The point is to give your lawyer as much information as possible about your case.  Even if it’s duplicative in nature, we like to take a look.

If you’re missing documents or are just too ill to get them together, that’s OK too.

We can often obtain official documents from emergency personnel, law enforcement officers, doctors, hospitals, and other medical treatment providers.

That may require a Medical Authorization and Release.

The point is, we want to get right to work in protecting your claim.  The sooner we have the materials/documentation to do so, the better.

Witness Information

Immediately gathering witness statements and documentation about the wreck can be important.

People move, they lose information, they accidentally delete pictures on their phones, etc.

We believe it’s imperative to start gathering as much information as possible as soon as possible from witnesses.  We don’t want to get down the road, only to discover important evidence has been lost – Danny Glover, OBX Lawyer 

It’s a good idea to talk to witnesses, including the officer who prepared the accident report, while their memories are fresh and while they may still have pictures and videos on their phones.

Gathering and preserving important evidence for an accident claim is a good idea.

How much are legal fees for an accident case?

We charge nothing for legal consultation.  We also don’t charge hourly rates.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, our law firm provides legal representation by was of what is called a Contingency Fee. 

Legal fees are a percentage of the recovery if and only if we are able to obtain a judgment, verdict, or settlement.

That means we must be successful in handling the case before a legal fee is earned.

Such contingent fee agreements are common in North Carolina for personal injury matters involving car accidents and worker compensation claims.

That is different from how criminal defense lawyers and even divorce lawyers work, where a flat fee or hourly rates are common.

Prior to moving forward, we will want to make sure you understand how the contingency relationship works.

Will I need to talk to the insurance adjuster?

Once retained, as Plaintiff’s Lawyers, we generally handle the presentation of claims and negotiations.

There are times when you may need to give a statement or even provide sworn testimony.

Each case is different.

Don’t worry, we will explain and help prepare you for that process.  We will also explain the NC accident laws and what to expect.

Other than that, our job is to investigate the cause or causes of an accident, confirm legal responsibility, and make a claim.

Part of that includes presenting documentation to the tortfeasor’s insurance company and their adjuster.

That often results in a Letter of Representation from our law office, where we advise either the insurance company (or their lawyer) of their legal representation.

Making a formal demand for judgment may include a summary of damages, including things for lost wages, medical bills, costs of care in the hospital, treatment, physical therapy, property damage, and actual damages associated with the wreck itself.

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