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What are the Most Dangerous Travel Holidays?

Quick Question:  What are the Most Dangerous Travel Holidays? New Years?  Labor Day?  Memorial Day?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas Eve?
If you plan on jumping in the family roadster and running up to Grandma’s House this Christimas, know you’re not the only one.

Travel statistics are expected to exceed, by quite a bit, those of 2015 – Danny Glover 

According to the American Automobile Association AAA, we should expect another 1,000,000 travelers this upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Holiday from this time last year.

While it’s hard to believe, approximately 48,700,000 Americans will travel fifty or more miles from home.  Although not everyone will be on the roads, that is up from last year’s high and amounts to an almost 2% overall increase.

What’s up with all this driving?

The quick answer:  Gas Prices.

Better said, the decrease in gas prices is one of the more significant reasons people are hitting the roads and traveling more this year.

According to AAA estimates, it looks like Americans have saved more than 28 Billion so far this year on gas prices.  Yes, we double-checked that number.

To give you an idea how much money that is, take a look at all the zeroes:  $28,000,000,000

AAA President and CEO Marshall Doney adds, “Most will travel on the tried and true holiday road trip, thanks to gas prices that are holding at close to $2 per gallon. Others will fly, take the bus or set off on a cruise to celebrate with their loved ones.”


What are the Three Most Dangerous Days to Drive?

It may surprise you, but the days getting to and from Grandma’s House on Christmas don’t make the cut.

So here they are:

  1.  Memorial Day Weekend – Yep, somewhere around 400 people die during the start of the summer holiday.
  2. The Start of Daylight Savings Time – This one may surprise you.  Yes, the time change literally can kill you.
  3. Black Friday – With an estimated 70+ Million Shoppers hitting the roads, rear-end collisions make up 12 1/2 % of insurance claims on Black Friday.  Here’s another surprise, 11% other claims involve wrecks and parked cars.

What to Do After You’ve Been In a Traffic Accident this Holiday Season


There are simple steps to make the holidays more safe for you and your family.  Take you time.  Be Patient.  Expect Delays.  Get plenty of rest and most importantly, don’t drink and drive – Danny Glover 

What are the best and worst times to drive during Christmas week?

Worst Day to Leave:  December 23, 2016 FRIDAY

Best Day to Leave:  Wednesday following Christmas, December 28, 2016, assuming you have that much vacation left

Worst Time to Drive:  3 p.m., Traffic will be heaviest during that hour on Friday

Best Time to Leave:  6:00 a.m. or earlier

See More Google Maps TRAVEL TIPS


Looking for a cool Travel App?  Check Out Waze

First and foremost, do NOT try to enter information, plot routes, and map your trip while driving.

Don’t worry, there is a passenger mode, and worst-case-scenario, just pull over for a second and enter your information.

It’ll be safer and chances are good that you won’t end up accidentally driving to the Columbia instead of the District of Columbia.

WAZE is a free App that only takes a few seconds to download.

The graphics are pretty self-explanatory and there is not a steep learning curve.

While we would never encourage speeding, Waze users regularly report things like the location of wrecks, disabled vehicles, traffic conditions, and the locations of police on the roadways.


If you get into geeky technology, you can allow Waze access to one or more of your social profiles.

It’ll track you and your Waze friends en route.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, Waze works just fine without entering user information, establishing a profile, or otherwise granting socials access.

Put simply, it’s a cool App that adds a fair amount of information to the standard Google Maps overlay.


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And we sincerely hope and pray you have a safe, enjoyable Holiday Season in 2016!

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