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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? Is It Binding? Does It Work?

Mediation is a meeting, often times it is more informal, typically taking place in a law office or sometimes at the courthouse – Danny Glover

  • There is no judge
  • There is no jury.

Instead, there is a certified paid neutral mediator who simply makes sure that the various parties to the lawsuit, that is the person suing and the person being sued, that person’s insurance company, all the lawyers.



The mediator makes sure that they’re all present and that they all at least attempt to discuss the case so that they can all make sure that they know all of the important facts to see if there’s any chance to settle the case before incurring further litigations costs, time, the emotional stress of that.

  • No one at mediation decides the case
  • The mediator doesn’t tell you what you have to accept
  • The mediator doesn’t tell the other side what they have to pay

He is simply a facilitator, or she is a facilitator, to help everyone at least see if there’s any chance for a settlement.

If so, he can help the two sides work through all of the various issues to finalize that settlement.

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