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You should buy a Dash Cam

  1. High Resolution or “Hi-Res” recording is a really good idea.  Cheaper dash cams tend to have lower-quality recording features, resulting in a blurry video.  12 MP – Megapixel resolution and 1080p HD – High Definition video makes for a better, more clear video recording.
  2. Loop Recording – Space on memory cards can become an issue if you do not have a “loop recording.”  The dash cam will automatically overwrite old, irrelevant video footage, freeing up space on the memory card.  That saves time by eliminating the need to manually delete old dash cam footage to free up space on the card.
  3. Recording at Night:  Low Light Level Recording – Car accidents, wrecks, collisions, etc., may take place when it is dark outside and visibility is reduced.  In smaller Outer Banks towns and rural areas, there may not be street lighting.  Night recording features, especially those that help stabilize and clear-up low-level-light recordings, are a great idea.  In fact, cameras may record what the human eye cannot make out, documenting license plate numbers, vehicle make and model, and driver features.

It also serves as a protection against claims and defenses alleging Contributory Negligence and Last Clear Chance by insurance adjusters and big insurance companies seeking to deny liability.

Video evidence can capture, without favor or bias, who is negligent, who is responsible, and whether contributory negligence is a legitimate defense.

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