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Types of Car Accidents

For more than three decades, the law firm of Glover Law Firm has focused on helping car accident victims and their families in Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks and communities across Northeastern North Carolina.

This experience has given our legal team the ability to handle many different types of single-car and multiple vehicle accidents, which generally fall into the following categories:

North Carolina Car Accident Information

There is a reason why auto accidents happen, and that  reason is usually driver error. In North Carolina, you can seek compensation if the driver who caused your crash acted carelessly or recklessly.  These accidents may involve:

  • Aggressive Driving – Many drivers cause accidents by speeding, tailgating, making dangerous passes, failing to yield the right-of-way or racing through intersections because they missed a stop sign or tried to beat a stop light. In fact, speeding is estimated to cause more than 20,000 crashes in N.C. each year.
  • Impaired Driving – Drunk driving or drugged driving is a serious problem in North Carolina. According to the most recent N.C. Department of Transportation statistics, more than 9,000 crashes occurred in 2011 involving drug or alcohol use. Many impaired driving crashes are actually single-car accidents that result in the injuries and deaths of passengers.
  • Fatigued Driving – A person who drives while drowsy can be just as dangerous as a drunk driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 83,000 accidents across the U.S. can be attributed to fatigued driving.
  • Distracted Driving – While distracted driving can involve any kind of activity that takes one’s attention off the road – grooming, eating or changing a radio station – the primary concern today lies with talking on a cell phone while driving and texting behind the wheel.
How the Crash Happened

The severity of a car accident depends on how it occurred. The follow are the most common types of crashes that we tend to see in Northeastern North Carolina:

  • Head-on collisions – These are commonly called “lane-departure” or “road-departure” accidents. They are often caused by drivers speeding, making dangerous passes or losing control around curves on rural roads.
  • Rear-end crashes – These collisions typically occur when a driver stops short and/or when one driver is tailgating another.
  • Sideswipe accidents – These accidents generally happen when two cars are traveling side-by-side and one vehicle drifts into the adjacent lane.
  • Side impact collisions – These crashes are often called “T-bone” accidents. They often occur at intersections when one car runs a stop sign or red light. Because of the limited protection drivers have on the sides of cars, these accidents can result in serious or fatal injuries.
Where the Accident Occurred

Another way to group car accidents is by where they occur, such as:

  • Intersection accidents – These crashes typically occur because drivers disregard stop signs or other traffic controls or make poor decisions when turning. Often, pedestrians and bicyclists are injured in these wrecks.
  • Rural road accidents – These accidents are common in Northeastern North Carolina. They often are caused by speeding or dangerous passes on two-lane roads. An issue that often arises with these crashes is the lack of witnesses.
Third-Party Liability

In many cases, the at-fault party in a car accident is not the driver but a company or government entity. Sometimes, the party responsible can’t be identified. These accidents include:

  • Vehicle defects – Cars that are defectively designed or manufactured may be prone to rollovers, sudden acceleration or gas tank explosions. Accidents involving tire blowouts or wheel roll-offs also are common.
  • Defective roads – A government entity or contractor may be liable if a crash is due to a poorly designed or maintained roadway. This is especially a concern in the rural areas of Northeastern North Carolina.
  • Hit-and-run crashes – All too often, motorists collide with other cars but fail to stop to see if the victims need medical attention or, at the very least, to exchange insurance information. As long as you can prove that another car was involved, you should be able to file an uninsured motorist (UM) claim with your insurer if you have purchased a UM/UIM policy.
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"Mr. Glover & his firm are very professional, fast, informative and on top of it! He helped me with my personal injury case and I could not have asked for anything better. Thank you to your firm for making my life better during a trying time. He actually cares about his client's well being and that is not something you come across often. I am thankful!" Chanel N.
"Danny helped my mom when she was badly injured and he was so great and he explained everything she needed to know. He kept her very informed on what was going on every day." Jenniffer B.
"Danny is amazing. So helpful, informative, & understanding. I'd recommend him to anyone in NC who needs great representation! He's been there every step of the way, for over a year now helping me understand all the ins and outs of my personal injury case from an automobile accident for my son and I. He truly is one of a kind!" Nikki D.
"I can’t express how much Danny helped me after my car wreck. He stood by me for three years through three surgeries, physical therapy, and learning to walk again. His work ethic is top notch! He always answered any question I had quickly and truthfully. I never dreamed I could get the settlement I did! If it wasn’t for Danny I would have settled for much less. I will recommend Danny to everyone I talk to! He’s the best." Laura P.
"My daughter was in a terrible car accident. We were so worried about medical bills, the rehabilitation she would need, the scars on her beautiful body, and the permanent damage to her shoulder and back. Trying to think about focusing on getting well is close to impossible when you’re faced with all of that worry. After ONE meeting with Danny Glover, the worry was gone and the healing began ..." Kim D.